DP-30 Aerosol Photometer for HEPA filters Leak Detectionby DOP/PAO and &spectrometer


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Aerosol Photometer MODEL:DP-30 /HEPA Filters/PAO/DOP/HEPA Leak Detection/,spectrometer


DP-30 is a patent product to fill the blank of domestic market developed by Suzhou Norda, used for the leak detection of integrity filtration system.


DP-30 Aerosol Photometer is a kind of special test instrument to test the leakage of HEPA, designed on the base of light scattering principle, displays real-time leakage rate by detecting aerosol concentrations of upstream and downstream. Applicable for testing clean rooms,(vertical) laminar flow benches, biosafety cabinets, glove boxes, HEPA vacuum cleaners, HVAC systems, HEPA filter, ULPA filters, negative pressure filtration units, surgical suites, nuclear filter banks, collective protection filters,  etc.


User friendly interface     

3.5” LCD display, menu driven interface. Aerosol measurements, real time concentration and pump sampling rates are prominently displayed for easy viewing. System parameters and selections such as alarm types, alarm set points and aerosol reagent are shown on the lower menu bar, while icons at the top of the screen give the status of connection, alarm type, reporting mode.

Portable scan probe - Real Time Synchronized with the base instrument

The Probe acts as an extension of the base instrument through a nearly identical user interface. All status and selection icons from the base unit are represented on 2.8” LCD, which can improve work efficiency and give immediate presentation when find leakage.

you just need to operate the probe to realize the all functions that has on the instrument.and It is easy to  watch the results  when personnel is testing. 

Easy to trace measurement result - storage with 1000 groups

DP-30 has three independent reporting functions storage/continuous/print modes, the result can be printed out by a thermal printer.
Performance guaranteed- being recognized by numbers of validation testing service companies!

DP-30 adopts import pump (Britain), import light source (Japan) and the sensor produced with top domestic precision process technology (same as the domestic aerospace technical standard), and has been independently tested and qualified to ensure compliance with all applicable electrical and safety requirements.

Optioanal:   aerosol generatorStandard configuration

Base instrument, scan probe, connection device, upstream sampling pipe, power wire


Cold aerosol generator  ----------------------------------------Model : AG-230

Thermal aerosol generator----------------------------------- Model:  AG-1800

Two function :built-in pump and external air  source-------Model: AG- 60




DP-30 Aerosol Photometer for  HEPA  filters Leak Detectionby DOP/PAO and &spectrometer

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